Technology: Friend or Foe?

Hi, I am Kelsey Wilkinson and I am currently a student of the  Education faculty at the University of Regina.  I am pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Math and Sciences. My love for math all started with my grade 9 math teacher because he didn’t make math about the numbers, but instead about the challenge and the victory that comes with it.

I am from Maidstone, SK and have always been an active person. Through high school, I was involved and was the captain of many sports teams; attending Nationals in both Ottawa and Calgary.  Through my sports, I learnt and developed the skills of leadership. I was involved in our Student Council, a delegate of our school division’s leadership academy and attended student leadership conferences in both Ottawa and Prince Edward Island. Leadership is the gateway to success because it allows you to step out of your comfort zone.  Global issues, travelling and cultures have always been a big passion of mine and this past year, I embarked on an 8 month journey with the Absolute School of Leadership. I lived in a poverty-stricken area of Mexico for four months building houses, teaching English and working in orphanages. For the last four months I toured across Canada with a group of young people doing motivational assemblies and workshops on leadership and global issues in schools. That journey has shaped me into the person I am today; my values and beliefs were shifted in a way that I couldn’t imagine. I believe living in Mexico, and seeing people that wanted to go to school so bad but don’t have that opportunity has sparked my passion for education because I now understand how crucial it is in every part of society.

Technology is a major part of daily life. It has gotten to the point where when you turn on your Blackberry, you turn on the world and yes, I am guilty of this. I have my email, my facebook, my google news, my agenda, my camera,  my anything I want on my phone. Technology has grown and developed over the years and I think it is a great means for progression in the classroom. Students need to be interested in what they are learning, and by using technology it engages them. In my high school years, I had a few teachers that had Smart-boards and the way they were teaching with them was very visual and exciting. We weren’t just copying notes from a board half asleep; we were taking it in and learning the lessons. Our generation is a very fast paced generation and when used right, I believe technology in the classroom is a big step in educating. The fact that students are using Skype to talk to other students from around the world fascinates me. I use Skype regularly and the thought of taking it into a classroom had never crossed my mind until our first ECMP class. The amount of learning and creativity that can be done using technology is endless.  As for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, I haven`t quite decided if  using  them in the classroom is a positive or negative experience yet. With more familiarity and knowledge, that is a decision I am hoping to make by the end of this course.

In regards to the title of this blog, technology is my friend. It helps me every single day and I am looking forward to learn how to use it to its fullest potential in this course. I am excited to learn about how my classroom could possibly look and how my students will be able to learn with the help of an advanced technology!


One thought on “Technology: Friend or Foe?

  1. Hi Kelsey,
    I am enjoying reading your posts on your blog. Thank you for the very kind comments on what how you enjoyed my Grade 9 Math class(and the others I’m sure). It is when I find things like this is when it makes what we do for a living worthwhile.
    I am sure your career will have many of these moments.
    Mr. B

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