A Modern View of Schools

In our first class, we discussed how there is this idea amongst educators that isn’t based so much upon teaching the students the information and making them remember the information, but more based on teaching the students how to find this information through technology. I find this idea very relevant to today’s society and today’s generation, for example, is it really important to know the abbreviation of all 50 states when you have the resources at your fingertips to Google it?

Our world is always changing and one way we see this is in the use of technology. There are so many ways to globally connect in education such as blogs, YouTube, online degrees, web conferencing, etc. We are starting to see this get used more and more everyday in the classroom and I believe this is just the beginning. I think we will start to see the styles of teaching shift into more modern styles. Students will be given more freedom to do their assignments and work on their studies according to their own pace.  I think that there will be more classes and assignments offered online and through social networks. In the future, attendance to schools might not be necessary all 5 days of the week, but there should still have a mandatory days  because they are important in shaping social aspects of children, along with teaching them health and wellness. With technology in classrooms, learning becomes a more visual journey and more students will fully be able to understand the concept of the teachings because they will be more engaged in the lessons. I am fascinated by the amounts of advances that can and will be made in classrooms throughout the world, and as a future educator, I am looking forward to advance my knowledge in new ways of teaching with technology.


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