Embrace It!

Using my new web skills I learnt in ECMP 355, I decided to try Google Alerts for the first time.  I typed in “technology in classrooms” in the search, and since then I have been getting an email everyday with a bundle of articles on that exact subject…Sweeet right!  “High school uses texting, Facebook to teach,” was one article that really caught my eye and as I further read the article about this high school in California, I was shocked at how many different ways you can use texting to teach. Through a website thats all free, students can text in answers to questions and instantly have results. Not only does this keep the students awake and on the ball in class, it also allows the teacher to know how many students are grasping the concept before moving on in class. The principal of the school  also uses Facebook to put daily principal updates on it, and their Parent Teacher Association is on it allowing easy access for everyone. They also use twitter for events in their school, for example, if a student tweets they are at a game they can receive an entry discount and a free drink. Texting and social networks such as Facebook have become a norm in our society, so why wouldn’t we embrace it? I say go on…..EMBRACE IT!

Here is the link (shortened by another online tool). The more I know about technology; the more I love technology!


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