The Twitterbug

Seeing as it’s thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family, my health, my faith, education, and Twitter. Twitter? That doesnt seem to fit but  I think I am on the verge of being a twitter addict.

When I used to hear the words “twitter” or “tweeting” I thought they were so pointless because up until a few days ago, I thought people, such as celebrities,  posted every second of their life and people followed them. I didn’t realize the enormous educational learnings that take place on Twitter until I joined and started following educators. I am now following educators, humanitarian organizations, past teachers of mine, and people that are huge mentors to me in my leadership and my faith. The people I follow are full of knowledge and I am learning ways of teaching, ways to end poverty and ways to strengthen my faith. The idea of networking with others around the globe still fascinates me, but I think by sharing resources it will make us all better teachers, and ultimately better people. I even downloaded the Tweetdeck which allows me to organize my account and I find myself checking twitter occasionally to see what articles have been posted, or what insights have been shared. Thank you Alec Couros and ECMP355 for introducing me into the world of Twitter!


3 thoughts on “The Twitterbug

  1. Welcome to the twitter world! I use it so much for my PD and self – expression. Enjoy it! you’ll find so much that will help you with your professional and classwork.

  2. Nice Post Wilkinke.
    I would agree with all you had to say. Some of the best advice I’ve been able to give teachers about twitter is “who you follow is the most important factor is whether or not you’ll find value in it”.
    If you are following and networking with educators who share, support and learn with you and twitter can be a powerful tool for educators.

  3. Very cool, I am so happy that you are finding some usefulness with the tool. If you ever want to be connected to more educators on twitter (when you are ready) just send me an @courosa – I’d be glad to help out!

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