Share Your Time

There are days where I am using my Ipod and Blackberry at the same time carelessly as if everyone has them; as if its the norm. Yes it  is the norm of our society, but look for a moment, step outside your bubble. The majority of this world is living below poverty line and the norm for them is living day to day doing everything they can to feed, educate and provide shelter to their families. The difference between them and I is that I was born in a country where the opportunity is abundant.

When I had the urge to write this post, I was thinking of my family I had met and become a part of while living in poverty stricken Mexico. The neighbors that would teach us how to make homemade tortilla’s and love us as their own, the children who would run out to meet us everyday we went to their school to help them with their English and the families we worked with to build houses. We can help others in this world, and in our own community by giving our time to others. We can volunteer globally or locally, give loans to new entrepreneurs (as on kiva.org), or do the tasks on my SocialVibe on my main blog wall (watch videos, answer questions and donate hours to free education to students in Uganda).

Sitting here with my computer, Ipod, phone, and Starbucks coffee I had became angry at the injustice in this world. Then I got to thinking about the fact that even though my friends in Mexico have so little, they are possibly the happiest group of people I have ever met. Why is that? The people there have a few things in their life. They have family, friends and love. Take away the materialistic things of your life..do you have that love? Im not writing this blog to put down our society and say that”we shouldn’t have everything we do and that none of us appreciate it.” I am writing this blog to get my anger off my chest (yes I will admit I am selfishly blogging), but also to remind everyone that human contact and the relationships with people is the basis of life so next time you see someone in the hallway, smile at them or say hello. Tell your family and friends you love them and that they are of great importance in your life. The littlest things can brighten a person’s day and you won’t even know- think of the  little compliments you have received that have brightened yours.

Social justice is my passion, caring for others is my life and this is my rant. Hope you enjoyed!


One thought on “Share Your Time

  1. Kelsey, this post is beautiful! I really admire your passion for helping others, and your recognition of the importance of building relationships. Love this line: “also to remind everyone that human contact and the relationships with people is the basis of life so next time you see someone in the hallway, smile at them or say hello.”
    Valuing this will get you far in life. And lead to lots of happiness. 🙂

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