Response to Rip: A Remixer’s Manifesto

Rip: A Remixer’s Manifesto is a documentary that discusses copyright infringement in the music industry and the movie industry such as Walt Disney. Girl Talk, musician and DJ that specializes in remixes and mashups, discusses in the documentary that his music is considered remixing, not piracy. I would highly suggest this documentary to people interested in copyright laws, and the power of the corporations power. On a side note, The Corporation is another great documentary that discusses how corporations run the world..watch it!

Anyways, back to copyright laws. I believe that copyrighting should be illegal; taking someone else’s full ideas and thoughts is wrong. Notice how I said full ideas in that sentence. Music, movies and  learning are all part of a collaborative experience and I believe it should be  morally and legally acceptable to use a small amount of a song to create your own song, or to add to a video. Girl Talk is not a criminal; he uses others music to express himself. It is a way of self expression and the artists whose music he is using should feel proud of their work, but instead the money hungry corporations are trying to sue. Personally, I think Girl Talk’s music is remixed in an unreal way, and just because he didn’t write the songs himself doesn’t mean he is not an artist. One of the presenters in the documentary discusses how there is no way to kill this online source of sharing, only a way to criminalize it.That idea of online sharing and the amount it is going to grow makes me think of the way schools will run their firewalls and technology in classrooms. Will students be able to download any type of music or video for projects? Will resources such as YouTube and other online tools be blocked for the fear of being sued?


One thought on “Response to Rip: A Remixer’s Manifesto

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