ECMP Final Project: Online PLN

For my final project in ECMP 355, I chose to make a video discussing the importance of having and maintaining an online personal learning network. The video defines what a PLN is, why it is important and the many tools that can be used to maintain your PLN. This idea was brought about when I started using twitter and reading blogs because I gained so many resources to use, and ideas on how to integrate technology into the classroom. Reading others ideas and opinions allows you to grow as a teacher and a person. When Alec would tweet out questions and get answers back, I decided I would do this and it worked! I thought to myself how beneficial these new resources and tools would be when I actually start teaching.

Initially for this project I was going to make a slideshow and present it to you on slideshare.net but then I wanted to narrate it so I made a video that is very much in the form of a slideshow. To make the video, I used Windows Movie Maker which is an extremely easy tool to make videos on. It allows you to import videos, music and pictures with a place to narrate your timeline as well. For the screenshots I once again used Jing which is a free tool you download which allows you to take pictures and videos of your screen, and it allows you to draw on the pictures you take.

ECMP has been such a great class and I am thankful I took it in my first year so I can integrate the tools I learnt into the rest of my schooling. It will be hard for another class to match this one.


One thought on “ECMP Final Project: Online PLN

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