From Where I’ve Been To Where I Am

The other day I had the opportunity to do a workshop at CSLC 2012 in Weyburn. At first I was a little indecisive about it; did I have enough leadership knowledge, would the students want to hear what I have to say? With discussion from my support network I decided I would go for it-I would share what I hard learnt about leadership in my few years out of high school, how I maintained a life of leadership and the struggles that came with it.

The first workshop I did went well as the students were interactive and willing to participate and hear my story. They asked questions and wanted to know more. I had an absolute blast doing the workshop and my  leadership and life mentors from high school came to sit in on my workshop and see where I am now. As I was doing the workshops and attending workshops put on by other people, I felt the biggest sense of belonging I have had in a while and I will tell you why.

The year I spent volunteering in Mexico after high school was the biggest sense of purpose I have ever known in my life. I had an amazing sense of leadership in my life in those 8 months; volunteering, building houses, educating, and working with people. After Mexico, I went straight to University and I felt like I was being selfish sitting in University classes-I wasn’t volunteering and I had no purpose. I am now in my third year of University and I have slowly started to realize what my purpose in life is. I have realized that I don’t have two seperate passions( education and leadership), I realized that as a teacher I am daily using both passions and both passions are a part of my life. WOW. I must say that this realization brought about the biggest sense of peace. I have made the connection from where I’ve been to where I am.


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