Having FUN in the Science Classroom

I am in my third year of education and finally into some science and math education classes. In my Science Education class, my professor teaches on effective ways to teach science but while he is doing that he is getting us to do the activities ourselves to understand their implications on teaching. I am absolutely loving the experiments and activities we are doing; so much in fact that when I get home I show my roommate (who does not care one bit) how neat the activities are. The fact that I get so much joy out of these small experiments is shocking. I know what you are thinking now-why the heck would you be a science and math teacher if you don’t enjoy the experiments?

Growing up my science and math classes very rarely included experiments or activities. They were lecture based and I don’t know if I ever understood the content as much as I did memorize it.Many teachers and students will tell you that it’s common sense to know that when you have a hands on based approach to science you will enjoy it and thus understand it. This was not common sense to me, but I am starting to have a lived experience of how crucial these activities are to our students. Allowing our students to explore these concepts and have a hands on, risk free classroom where asking questions is important is my goal as a future educator


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