Math Autobiography

My experiences and relationships with mathematics is one of love and hate.
Throughout high school I took all math classes offered and really enjoyed the math classes I took mainly because I exceeded in them. I enjoyed the feeling of working through problems and finding the one right answer. In my high school math career, I never once saw a proof or had an understanding of math concepts but I felt as though I “got it” and that math came “naturally to me”. Looking back on my high school math career, I realized that I did not UNDERSTAND the deeper structures and concepts in math and how they were related, but instead I MEMORIZED the formulas and how to do each question. This became a problem when I started to attend University math classes and math education classes. When I started to attend my university math classes is when I developed my frustration/hate for math. I struggled because I had to re-learn and try to understand the concepts because to try to memorize for those classes was impossible. Slowly but surely I started understanding the concepts in my classes and once I got into my first few math education classes is when I started enjoying math again and understanding it’s importance. I have started to understand that my importance as a math teacher is to guide my students to understand the deeper structures of math and to not memorize. I see math as a learning ladder- we need to start with the basic understandings in order to expand our learning’s. To me, the most important part of having students understand math concepts is the aspect of problem solving and rationale. I now believe that there is not always one right answer for math and instead it can be seen as a continuum; there can be many answers that make sense and it is based on the individual’s perspectives and understandings of math.


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