An Achievable New Years Resolution?

Alright, so I know this is a little late to be stating my new years resolution but over the past two weeks I have kept thinking what I wanted to better myself in. Most people want to hit up the gym more or try to save money, but I decided that a ittle bit of professional development is what I need. I have had this blog for two years now and every time I am excited by something or bothered by another, I think to myself “I should Blog about that!” Usually by the time I sit down to write it I have come up with an excuse regarding how busy I am or how I don’t have the passion to do it anymore. A blog is a way for me, as a teacher, to express and get feedback on my opinions and beliefs about education. So now that I have stated my new years resolution aloud…that means I have to be accountable right? RIGHT! Let’s do this!


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