Pre-Teacher Process

My pre-internship so far has been an unreal experience. I have learnt so much about teaching techniques, lesson planning,  and classroom atmosphere and management. I have been teaching a Chemistry 20 unit and Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 30 unit during my three weeks. It has been a lot of work but it has been neat to see my students and work with them throughout one whole unit. I get to teach them everyday, give them activities, assignments and projects and mark the work I am giving. It has been a great learning experience to start the class from day one and see them through the three weeks with a final project. I feel as though I have come to understand so much about teaching and the process within it. For example, I didn’t realize how important it was to have clear and explicit directions (even for my grade 12 math class). Now this may not be the case for all students but I have found it to be important to have clear directions, or else the classroom is in chaos. I learnt that the hard way my first few days of teaching the class. I am finding how crucial it is to align curriculum, instruction and assessment in the classroom in order for the class to flow and the students to fully understand what they are learning and what is expected of them in the class.

I am finding myself to become more comfortable interacting with students and working with them. Through getting to know them and how they work as a class, I have found that my questioning during instruction has become much more effective. I am starting to know what questions to ask my class and when to make sure they understand. So far pre-internship has been a great journey of learning and although there are days where I go home exhausted, there are many days where I go home with a large smile on my face and I know that teaching is where I belong! Before my three week block I was worried about my internship in the fall, but now I am looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Teacher Process

  1. I know exactly what you mean with the instructions. I am teaching foundations 20 and I did an activity with the ambiguous case and I quickly learnt how important it is to have very clear directions for students

  2. Kelsey – sounds like you’re learning a lot. Absolutely – clear instructions are important for all students! Otherwise you’ll just have confused students who can’t get down to work. Do you feel that you’ve improved a lot in this area? Otherwise you may want to make this a goal for your internship!

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