#ecmp455 / #technology

Learning with an Online Community

I am currently taking a course called ECMP 455 (Classroom Computers) and it is an online class. For the most part, taking an online class is viewed as very independent and self directed learning. At least that is what I thought until our first online meeting as a class. We used a tool called Blackboard Collaborate which is an online meeting platform which can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone. We all logged in and could talk to each other via microphone. Our instructor could open a video and share his screen which is how we went through class syllabus, our google plus community, etc. Even though we only meet once a week online for around an hour and a half I feel extremely connected to these people-more than I do in some classes at the university. I feel this is because of our online access to connect with each other by sending quick tweets, looking at each others blogs and commenting on each others blogs, emailing and what our google plus community has to offer. I am very excited for this class and the learning that will come from it. I am also very excited to fully take advantage of the knowledge that comes from my online PLN and to expand that PLN!


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