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iPads [worksheet replacements] in the Math Classroom

As I stated in my earlier blog, the classroom I interned in had a class set of iPads that could be used. Seeing as math is my major and I taught Grade 9 and 10 math throughout the semester, I integrated the iPads into the math class as much as possible. I used them to blog about math, to use math apps and to take videos. I think it is important that when integrating technology into the classroom that we integrate it in for a SPECIFIC reason/added way to learn. I found this picture on interest during my semester as an intern and I found it so relatable because I know some teachers are only using the iPad to annotate on worksheets, as a PDF reader or to research. Although these are useful for students, I believe there is much more than we can do with technology in our class..many ways we can think outside the box. Please remember while reading this that I am not an expert with technology in the classroom-I am just commenting on some of my observations and thoughts that I experienced through internship.



I can see how this is beneficial in a way to create a paperless classroom, but in the math class there are so many amazing apps that really enhance a students understanding. For example, the Desmos calculator allows students to explore in depth what certain graphs look like and how the formulas for them are contrived.  The geometry apps that are currently out there are also pretty amazing..imagine sitting in a high school class talking about 3D polygons and being able to manipulate (turn, rotate, enlarge, etc) a polygon on a plane. What is seen to be abstract in the classroom can become more relatable with the technology if we are using to ENHANCE the classroom content, not REPLACE worksheets and books. I hope that in my future I can be on a team that sees the benefit of having technology in our classrooms and understands the way to use it to its potential!


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