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Leading for a lifetime

Today as I was sitting at the University trying to finish my teaching resume and job applications, I went to pull up the stickies app on my computer to write down that I had to scan my reference letters, etc to remind me. When I did that, I pulled up a sticky note that I had wrote about a year ago with a quote on it. I am not sure where I got this quote..maybe from a blog or book I was reading but I must have wrote it down because it really resonated with me. It was exactly what I needed to see today (see screenshot below).


I have always been so interested in the idea surrounding leadership. What is it? Who is a leader? How do we promote lifelong leadership? In high school I was part of a leadership academy where we learnt about leadership and put it into action. For me, service has been a form of leadership. I love to volunteer both locally and globally-giving to others is where my passion lies and today as I was sitting at the university working away I didn’t feel that passion. This last semester has been hard going from teacher (in internship) back to student and there has been many days where the purpose of me being in class has been hard to find. But in Gardner’s last line “Leaders must help us see failure and frustration not as a reason to doubt ourselves but a reason to strengthen our resolve” I realized that this last semester really is time for me to keep learning and grow as a person and teacher. It made me realize the exact reason I chose teaching as my career. Teachers hold such a great position where they are able to make change on a daily basis whether that be in the classroom or in the school community. I am very excited to be a part of the profession and to work hard to maintain a life of leadership. Thank you prior self for saving that quote for a rainy day!


2 thoughts on “Leading for a lifetime

  1. This is very true Kelsey! These past few weeks have been hard and I can relate to saying “What is the point of being back and in classes again.” But after thinking about it and what you have said has helped me understand that we will always keep learning new thinks as we are lifelong learners and we are making a change and this will help us teach students to never give up and follow your dreams to the fullest.

  2. @kelseyrogers That quote is so powerful; the last sentence sums up leadership so well. Thanks for sharing this, it sure has inspired me to do better in my studies and teaching. I look forward to learning together throughout the semester.

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