#ecmp455 / Ecmp 455 Major Project

Gather & Gab- A Project to Connect and Inspire

I believe that in teaching science and math it is important that we allow our students the time to understand what science and mathematics looks like outside of the classroom. What is actually taking place in chemistry or biology labs? How do we use math in calculating statistics, or how is geometry being used? How are environmental scientists or engineers using science and math?

This is where the idea for Gather and Gab (@gatherandgab) came about. Myself and Randi Klassen (@randiklassen) decided that for a major project in our #ecmp455 class we would try to set up a platform where we could connect a teacher (hopefully in SK) to science experts that are currently in the field to skype in and chat with the students. Our plan is to connect with teachers and science experts via our twitter account and with one teacher that is piloting a health studies or environmental studies class, connect with different science experts once a week for 4-5 weeks. We would facilitate the discussion and connection, and we could set them up with skype, google hangout, blackboard collaborate, and twitter to name a few. If you (yes, you-the one who is reading this) has any ideas of ways to connect please let us know! Follow us on @gatherandgab or email us at gatherandgab@gmail.com.

If you or anyone you know is interested in working with us through this project please let us know. If not, your help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated! I will keep you updated with our progress as we go along.


4 thoughts on “Gather & Gab- A Project to Connect and Inspire

  1. This sounds great Kelsey! It is always a benefit for students to see the “real-life” applications of what they are learning and to see what they could possibly be doing in the future if they choose to continue with a particular class. Just a question though, are you including Math in your list of Sciences? If not, is there any chance you could? I would love to see what you come up with as I am always looking for ideas in my Math classroom as well.

    • I don’t see why math shouldn’t or couldn’t be involved Mitch! I hope that one day, the resources that we make get to the point where any educator can use them to make it easier to bring the world into their classroom!

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