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My first (and not my last) VLOG

I decided that instead of my usual blog, I would try something new to me called a Vlog (video blog). My friends and colleagues, @bgabriel77 and @MitchErnesto, have been vlogging for a project in our #ecmp455 class and it has worked out really well for them so I thought what the heck let’s try it. I really enjoyed the experience of vlogging as it allows me to express my personality in a way that I cannot express through regular blogging. It also takes less time (who wants to edit, reread, etc anyway). Here is my first vlog: a short piece on how I use twitter as an educator and the importance of it.



3 thoughts on “My first (and not my last) VLOG

  1. @Kelseyrogers I really liked your vlog, so much I just might have to try it myself. Twitter is the real deal, and such a great way to connect and build your personal learning network all over the world. It is just more fun to watch a vlog then to read a post, so keep it up!

  2. I loved that you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone by doing this! During my internship my cooperating teacher had suggested I push myself out of my comfort zone. I decided to use the outdoor classroom for an art lesson. Everything was going great until the wind decided to pick up. 19 six year olds, paper flying absolutely everywhere and one distressed teacher later I quickly realized I did not like to be outside of my comfort zone! I envy your courage!

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