VLOG #2-Does Tech influence Global Citizens?

For my second vlog I wanted to give insight as to why I am so passionate about education: not because I have a profound love for mathematics, but because I have a love for people. How does technology fit into that area? It allows people to connect and view the world as a whole, thus allowing our students critical thinking skills and becoming global citizens. To learn more, you will have to watch the short video. I would love your comments and thoughts on this! Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “VLOG #2-Does Tech influence Global Citizens?

  1. Thanks, Kelsey, for sharing your thoughts about using technology to connect students with others beyond the walls of the classroom. I believe one of the most powerful uses of technology is just that. We have all kinds of new opportunities as teachers to use tools like blogging, Twitter, Google Communities, Google+, and Skype to connect our students with other classes and experts in the field. I have been a fan of the quad-blogging project, and witnessed its power in action. If you don’t know about this project, check here: http://quadblogging.net/ I have also seen teachers successfully use Twitter’s #comments4kids to get student posts out to others. This hashtag is used for students of all ages, K through college. I am a college professor who teaches educational tech courses to pre-service teachers and teachers. Students in my class, grad students, end up blogging not just with one another, but also with students K-12. I often set up my students with partners, so there is continuity over several weeks. We have blogged with students of all ages. This project also helps to convince teachers to use blogging with their students and to participate in cross-class blogging projects.

    As you are now probably on Twitter, follow these hashtags if you’re not already: #mathchat #edtechchat #stem #steam

  2. Thank you for your comment Judy! I blogged with my math 9 class throughout my internship and found such an enhanced community when they could discuss ideas through the platform of blogs. I have not seen the twitter #comment4kids but it is something I will use for the future. I appreciate your insight and look forward to looking into quad blogging!

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