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Relay for LIFE-Fighting Back against Cancer

This past Friday the University of Regina held its 3rd Relay for Life, and the event was a true success. I was on the planning committee so since September we have been meeting and planning the event. Recently, my beautiful Auntie Carol passed away from a 6 year long battle with cancer, so helping plan an event where we raise money and come together as a community all in the name to fight cancer has been extremely important to me. When the event started, I was so shocked and impressed by the fact that twenty two teams (pretty much all with university students) took time out of their busy end of the semester to raise funds and stay up all night in support of fighting cancer. I have never been so proud to be a part of the University of Regina! All night (7pm-7am) at least one person from each team walked the track to support the battle against the disease that doesn’t sleep. Throughout the night there was zumba, yoga, comedians and bands to keep everyone up. At the end of the night, the event raised over $28,000!


As a planning committee member, I met so many great people on the committee and also with the Canadian Cancer Society that I worked with to help make the event a success. Working with new people and doing jobs (like building the HOPE sign you see below out of many 2×4’s) that are outside of my regular day allow me to step outside of my comfort zone. The committee I was in charge of was volunteers. We needed volunteers throughout the event to help set up, register teams, help with the ceremonies, sell food, etc., and without volunteers our event would not have been able to go. We had over 80 university students and community members sign up to help and I was amazed by the willingness and dedication of the volunteers! Many volunteers stayed past their shift to experience and enjoy the night as they realized the importance of it. It is said that everyone has had an experience with cancer-whether they are a survivor themselves, or have family, friends or co-workers who have been diagnosed with the awful disease. To the volunteers-thank you! 

I am a strong advocate for volunteering in your community. I am not saying that you have to volunteer for every event thats going on, or help plan all events but I believe it is important to find something that means a great deal to you and volunteer your time and effort to help better your community.  While the event was on, I realized how crucial it is for our students to understand the importance of volunteering and the importance of community. Whether we do this by leading by example and showing our passion for volunteering and community or have service learning projects in class, I believe it needs to be a focus because having students who are service leaders in our schools are just as important for our future as having students who have 90% averages.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. How is your school advocating and allowing students to be leaders? Comments/Questions are greatly appreciated!



7 thoughts on “Relay for LIFE-Fighting Back against Cancer

  1. @kelseyrogers Wow!! What an incredible event. This sounds so great, and what a good cause, and I really like that picture at the end of the word hope. That is very well done. I bet you spent a ton of time planning, and it payed off.

    • Thanks so much Chris. The word HOPE is all constructed from luminaries (set on a bunch of 2×4’s that I put together with my carpentry skills) haha. The planning was definitely worth the time for such a great cause!

  2. I was really happy when I saw how well the event went! It’s also great that you were able to make such a personal connection with the cause. That’s the exact reason I chose the final project that I did and why I sought out employment at the Canadian Cancer Society! I hope you’re able to find more opportunities to work for this cause as you enter your own classroom and leave the university!

    • Thanks for the comment Matt. I see your final project is going great as well-it is so important that we allow our students to understand the impacts they have on society and how they really can make a difference!

  3. I’m really happy to see you posting about this and sharing the good news with everyone. A big thank you to you Kelsey as well. Without you the event couldn’t have happened either. You did an incredible job organizing all our volunteers and I was extremely happy and proud to work with you. As for the advocating of leadership, I intend to encourage my students to get involved in events such as this and do what they can. They should all find something that is important to them and find a way to become involved and share their passion with everyone around them. Thanks for the post and everything you did for the past six months. I hope you stay involved with Relay for years to come!

  4. It is so great to see people like you, Kelsey! Thank you for taking time out of your day to do so much for the Relay for Life.

    In regards to your question, I spent a lot of time this year keeping updated with the Z99 Radiothon, and one night they were mentioning all of the local elementary schools who have donated and how much they donated. Although it is not about the amount, but rather the though that counts, it was incredible the amount of money these schools had raised through simple projects such as bake sales, dances, dress up days and just donation bins. It is great to see such young leaders evolving in our city and it excites me to know that one day I could have a class that can contribute to so many great causes such as the Radiothon or the Relay for Life because it is something that they are passionate about!

  5. Thank you for the comment Lacey. I think its amazing to hear about all of that some of the elementary and high schools around the city are doing for our local and global community! Makes me excited to be able to work with the leaders going through our schools, and with future teachers like you!

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