About Me

My name is Kelsey Rogers (previously Wilkinson) and I am currently finishing up my fourth and final year at the University of Regina pursuing my Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in Math and minoring in General Science. I believe that learning is the basis of life; we are forever learning and acquiring knowledge whether it is in the classroom or outside of it. We learn from our mistakes, we learn from our peers, we learn about ourselves and others and we learn HOW to learn. Education is of great importance in our society and in our global community and I hope to influence students to become critical thinkers.


I am an upbeat, active person who loves taking on new challenges. Volunteering globally and locally is a passion of mine. This journey started four years ago when I embarked on a year adventure with an organization called Live Different. I lived and worked alongside the locals of Mexico building houses and schools, and teaching English which confirmed my spark for Education. Many students we worked with wanted an education extremely bad; they wanted to learn. I want to stimulate that sense of wanting to learn  into students by engaging in different ways of teaching and use of technology in my classroom. I am very passionate about raising awareness to others about current social issues such as mental illness and homelessness. Leadership is also on my passion list-I have gone from student leader (student council, NWSD Leadership Academy Graduate,CSLC attendee) to leader in my every day life and now teacher leader. My most recent and challenging leadership role was when I was a workshop presenter at the Canadian National Student Leadership conference. My passion is people-working with people, leading people, mentoring people, learning with people and and learning from people.

I believe that we have to know where we come form, who we want to be and what our purpose is in order to know where we are going. I believe fully in goal setting and actively trying to better yourself. I am constantly pushing myself in every aspect of my life. I have surrounded myself with family, friends, fellow educators and teachers who have pushed me and inspired to be better and that is what I hope to bring to my students.

I am looking forward to the last leg of my journey as a future teacher. I am enjoying expanding my personal learning network by using twitter and following other bloggers and educators.


 The first and last task of a leader is to keep hope alive. Never denying the difficulties, they must keep confidence unimpaired. We need to believe in ourselves and our future but not to believe that life is easy. Life is painful and rain falls on the just and the unjust. Leaders must help us see failure and frustration not as reason to doubt ourselves but a reason to strengthen our resolve.
~John Gardner


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