Teaching Philosophy

“It’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are our teachers-they help us to learn.”-John Bradshaw

A teaching philosophy is one that will be changing and adjusting through each experience you have in the classroom. I believe that human relationships are the basis of life and as a pre-service teacher, I am excited to become a teacher and to build relationships with my students. I believe that learning should be engaging and enjoyable for students. Each student should be given the same opportunity to learn through their own unique learning styles. It is my job, as a teacher, to ensure that the students in my class are engaged and learning by adjusting my teaching to their needs. I believe in a student centred approach to learning-one in which I listen to what my students need and work with them to provide that.  In the math classroom, I believe it is important for me to work with students to  develop problem solving skills and metacognition and have them apply those to the math challenges at hand. I believe in using different teaching strategies and tools in the classroom will enhance students opportunities. In my role, I will get to know each student’s strengths and weaknesses so I can help them grow to their potential. Schools and the way of learning is always changing, and it is my job to keep up with the new technology and social media so I can allow my classroom to be one that students can relate to. I believe that introducing technology such as blogging, math apps, Mimio and SmartBoards, and Google Docs allow students a new platform to discuss their learning and collaborate with each other as a learning community.  I hope to give the students the resources needed and along with instruction, guide them into learning. I am looking forward to having more experience in the classroom so my philosophy can grow and develop.


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